Community service volunteers  around the world  help make a difference in the lives of others every day. Interestingly, what community service volunteers experience is that they can benefit just as much as those they are helping.


Community service is defined as work done by an individual or a group of individuals that brings benefits to others. You are not paid to perform community service, but volunteer your time and skills.


Community service can help many different groups of people – senior citizens, children, homeless, people with disabilities, even animals and the environment. Many people participate in community service because they enjoy helping others and improving their community.


Whether physically, mentally, socially, or emotionally, community service volunteering offers many benefits. Here are some ways community service volunteering also boosts your happiness and health.



1. Your Mood Will Improve

Another major advantage of community service is that you’ll see a marked improvement in your mood. When you volunteer, you get a boost of happiness and feel like you have a purpose in your life. There’s a sense of reward that people experience when they can put work into a project and see how their actions positively affect others and the environment.



2. You Stay  Fit

Depending on the nature of volunteer work you do, you might be more active and fit. Usually, you’re making connections with others and having fun when you volunteer. It may not even seem like you’re working at all!



3. You Live Longer

If you want a long and meaningful life, then head to your local soup kitchen, or join a community service volunteer group. As you volunteer, you’re gaining physical and mental health benefits, which will affect your long-term health. Community service improves your health overall, which adds to your lifespan.



4. You Won’t Be So Stressed

Community service volunteering has proven to reduce stress levels. Getting your mind off of things going on in your daily life during a few hours of conmmunity service can help you feel more relaxed and puts your mind at ease. Instead of worrying about things you need to do, you can be in-the-moment with your community service volunteer work.



5. Your Risk Of Depression Decreases

More than often, community service volunteering opportunities tend to be outdoors, and usually you aren’t alone when you volunteer. Both of these reasons can reduce depressive symptoms and will reduce your risk of depression in the future. When you find a community service volunteer group, you also find a support group, and you’re able to interact with others regularly.



6. You’ll Soak Up Vitamin D

When you volunteer for a job that requires you to work outside, you soak up the sun! Increased levels of vitamin D offer a plethora of health benefits. Your mental health improves, since sunlight increases serotonin levels. Besides that, it helps builds strong bones, and can help with rheumatoid arthritis.



7. Your Blood Pressure Drops

Adding community service volunteering to your regular routine lowers your blood pressure. As you volunteer, you are getting some level of physical activity, and you begin to feel good about yourself. These positive aspects can encourage you to make other healthier choices in your life. You might start eating healthier and exercising more, both of which lower blood pressure.



8. You’ll Feel A Reduction In Chronic Pain

Sometimes the best cure for chronic pain is to get outside and participate in active work. Community service volunteering requires you to move joints and muscles that you typically don’t use. This builds stronger bones and muscles, which alleviates the parts of your body that are painful.



9. You Make Lasting Connections

Humans are meant to have regular connections. When you take on community service volunteering , you’ll make friendships that last a lifetime. Having people who are like-minded and sharing the same values makes you happy and can boost your mental health. At the sametime, you’ll make connections with the people you’re helping, making you more motivated in life.



10. You’ll Be Satisfied With Your Life

Ultimately, when your health improves because of community service volunteering, your satisfaction with life will certainly increase. Individuals who find joy in living often have a better quality of life. You’ll find purpose in everything you do and cultivate a strong sense of gratitude and compassion.